The Kutcha Edwards Band

3.30pm Sunday Recovery


11.30pm BIG Blues Bash

The Fret Drifters

6pm Bullant Brewery / 2pm Saturday Street Stage / 2.15pm Sunday Recovery

Kings and Associates

9.55pm BIG Blues Bash

Dave Orr Band

8.30pm BIG Blues Bash

Louis King’s Royal Blue Trio

4.50pm Sunday Recovery 

The New Savages

3pm Saturday Street Stage / 9.15pm Music Cafe 

Electric Blues Collective

10.10pm Music Cafe

Bill Barber

1.30pm Sunday Bullant Brewery

Jess Parker & The Troubled Waters

1pm Sunday Recovery 

Rod Millers Blues Explosion

Friday Night Jam host band / 4pm Saturday Street Stage

Mick Kidd & Dave Blight

6pm Saturday Bullant Brewery / 11.05am Sunday Street Stage

Rattlin’ Bones Blackwood

8.15pm Music Cafe

Anita George

11am Saturday Street Stage / 2pm Saturday Bullant Brewery

Organic Joe

6.30pm Music Cafe

Rosie Haden & Greg Hoepner

10am Sunday Street Stage

Josh Cashman

1pm Saturday Street Stage

Electric Yeti

12.15pm Sunday Street Stage

Nicole Halford

the UNDERGROUND from 1pm

In the Mix

7.30pm BIG Blues Bash

Aaron Pollock

12pm Saturday Street Stage