Like to get a bit more out of your festival experience?

Workshops are a perfect way to combine a love of music and doing stuff.  Bruthen Blues & Arts Festival Workshops cover basics like percussion and harmonica and for the more advanced we have guitar skills.  And we are so proud to exclusively have Kutcha Edwards come to Bruthen to deliver 2 very special workshops.

Guitar Clinic, Singing with Kutcha Edwards and Cultural Immersion workshops have pre-bought tickets available (see below).  Numbers are limited, so we advise booking online if these workshops interest you.   Unsold tickets to these workshops will be available at the Festival Info Stand.

All other workshops will have tickets available on the day, see the Festival Info Stand for more information.  Payment can be made to the workshop volunteer on the door.


Guitar Clinic with THE FRET DRIFTERS

Saturday 16th, 2019, 4pm – 5pm

Cost – $20 ($10 with Weekend Pass)

Where – supper room at Bruthen Mechanics Hall

This workshop is based on “exotic” acoustic guitar techniques which The Fret Drifters, Nick Garrett-Powell and Andy Casad, do so well.   

They will cover topics like how to play with only your left hand so you can drum with your right hand on the guitar body, how to use electric guitar pedals, tapping scales and chords like a piano and modifying the guitar with gadgetry. 

This workshop is a must for any one that loves guitar and finding a deeper respect for what this classic instrument can do.  


Saturday 16th 2019, 3pm – 4pm

Cost – $20 (NOT free with Weekend Pass), U13yrs $10

Where – Bruthen Church Hall, Church Street

In this workshop, Kutcha has chosen two songs to work with; the well known and anthem like song ‘Yil Lul’ and one of his own, ‘Is This What We Deserve’. The latter exemplifies the impact and harm perpetuated by Government policy coupled with social bigotry, while ‘Yil Lul’, written by Joe Geia, is an uplifting and healing piece that is written in the spirit of reconciliation.

As each song is learnt by participants, Kutcha simultaneously imparts the messages and history of each piece in a workshop of two way conversation that paves the way for a group sing along.

Harmonica with DAVE BLIGHT

Saturday 16th 2019,  4pm to 5pm

Cost – $10, U/13yrs by donation (FREE with Weekend Pass)

Where – back room at Bruthen Community Centre

Harmonica maestro (Cold Chisel’s player of choice) David Blight will discuss all things harmonica including breathing, tonality & playing techniques, his major influences and more in an hourlong workshopPlayers of all levels are encouraged to bring along their “Mississippi Saxophones”. 

After determining the level of competence of the attendees, if there are beginners there will be basic overview of acoustic/electric harmonica. Following this there will be a one-on-one for all those who brought an instrument.  There will be Q&A time to finish up.

Percussion with NICK FISCHER

Saturday 16th 2019,  11.30am – 12.30pm

Cost – $5, U/8yrs by donation (FREE with Weekend Pass)

Where – Bruthen Mechanics Hall, main room

This workshop is perfect for kids 8yrs and over.  An hour long session exploring the variety of sounds and techniques that percussion embodies, using drums/percussion but also the human body with electric guitar. This workshop is run by Nick Fischer who has a long history as a multi-instrumental performer and music educator and now is steadily exploring, and mastering, playing drums, guitar and singing simultaneously in his new project the ‘Electric Yeti’, a truly unique show. 

 Workshop will focus on taking simple rhythmic ideas and expanding into composition with Nick on guitar.  Attendees will gain the experience of playing in a drum and guitar ensemble.  Drum kit will be set up, but please bring along any percussion instruments you prefer.


Cultural Immersion with KUTCHA EDWARDS

Sunday 17th 2019,  11am to 12noon

Cost – $15 (NOT free with Weekend Pass)

Where – back room at Bruthen Community Centre

Kutcha Edwards poses some curly questions in a workshop designed to draw from the participants the knowledge of Aboriginal Australia they currently possess and enhance that, with some reality checks along the way. Some of the questions that are posed in the workshops of mutti mutti man Kutcha Edwards are: 

  • Do you live in the same street as an Aboriginal person?
  • How do you know they are Aboriginal?
  • How long have Aboriginal people been here?
  • Who discovered Australia?
  • Who is an Australian citizen and why are they an Australian citizen?
  • When is it appropriate to call someone uncle / aunty?

Through stories, songs and dialogue, Kutcha explores, defines and imparts his understanding of what it is to be an Indigenous person in Australia today and the true history that brought us to this point in time.