Electric Yeti

Nick Fischer (ELECTRIC YETI) is a well-respected East Gippsland based multi-instrumentalist. . He has shared the stage with Aussie Blues Circuit artists Tim Burnham (Lloyde Spiegal) and Garret Costigan (Jeff Lang).  His new project, Electric Yeti, is a one man four piece the likes the world has not seen.

Electric Yeti plays originals and reworked covers and serves them to you around the blues-rock-soul-groove and funk genres. Nick uses a prosthetic stick to strike cymbals while his feet kick bass and snare drums as well as a thumping bass and melody on six string electric guitar and vocals. ALL at the same time.  This is all live, no looping!

His songs cover themes of Love, lust and life.

“You can see the musical notes coming out of Electric Yeti. They ping from the stage, little spiky semi-quavers and crochets, and electrocute your senses. Watching someone with so much passion and talent play every instrument at once. It’s visceral. ” Mim Cook ABC Gippsland