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Australia’s Biggest Little Blues Festival




19-Twenty, Kings & Associates, Dave Orr Band, Kutcha 
Edwards, The Fret Drifters, Dave Orr Band, Electric Blues Collective, The New Savages, Mick Kidd with Dave Blight, Bill Barber, Anita George, Rattlin Bones Blackwood, Electric Yeti, Rosie Haden and Greg Hoepner & more…




Charlie A’Court, Chris Wilson, Geoff Achison, Genevieve Chadwick, Matt Borg Trio, Claude Hay, Joshua Batten Band, Rhiannon Simpson & more….


featuring James Southwell Band, Charlie Wooten, Chris Wilson, Chase the Sun, Jarrod Shaw, The Lachy Doley Band, Diddly Bo Dixon, Mike Elrington & more….

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