Organic Joe

Organic Joe’s line-up includes Philip Cappadona and Sharyn Dickeson. Between them they create an engaging musical experience for their audiences.  Their use of an acoustic guitar, ukuleles, tin whistle, harmonica and percussion, creates a strong, energetic and spirited sound.  As experienced musicians, Philip and Sharyn combine their song writing and musical talents to form an authentic recording and on-stage chemistry.  Their cross cultural Italian & Celtic heritage playfully combines with wicked humour and on stage banter that makes for a fun time, bringing their storytelling to life.

 Their original songs are quirky, whimsical and satirical and cross several musical genres including a fusion of contemporary folk, rock, blues and roots.  With vocals described as salt and pepper, layered with sweet and unexpected harmonies, Organic Joe takes their audiences on an amazing journey.

It is their original compositions, lyrics and musical soundscapes which are the real gems though.  Organic Joe has been recording and performing since they formed in 2015.